Akinyi Princess of K’Orinda-Yimbo – Author

Golden Shana: Der Jäger (German Edition)

“Ich hatte den Plan, die Frau zu gewinnen, deren bloßer Anblick sich wie mein natürlicher Lebensraum anfühlte, bis der Plan nach hinten losging”, sagt Roman Castell, ein arroganter und wohlhabender Hamburger Geschäftsmann. Als ihn die Liebe zum ersten Mal in seinem Leben trifft, befindet er sich fest zwischen drei Frauen und einem Baby.Roman bekommt zum ersten Mal einen kurzen Blick auf zwei Frauen während eines Abends im Opernhaus La Scala in Mailand, wo Puccinis Turandot spielt.

Golden Shana: The Untouchable

Roman doesn’t even want a harem. But the harem relentlessly seeks him. No sooner has Shana left Roman than Grieg/Phoenix is marking time on Roman’s door, out for a war, not a fight, over Shana. And so is Marie, whose pregnancy Roman still keeps a secret.

Golden Shana: The Capture

Roman: I wanted to eat all of her. Even within that fortress I longed to erect around her to hold her captive in, to keep her away from men not worthy of the sight of her, I’d devour her.

Shana: Roman was deadly sex. She had no antigenic for immunity against him. Instead she lay there on his bed, in an impossible state of sluttish disarray, holding her breath.

Secret Shades Aroused Book 1

Helena, twenty-two years old, is a Greek Cypriot endowed with the beauty to launch a thousand punches. However, Helena has a secret buried deep inside her that she keeps hidden even from herself. Until she meets two Catalonian cousins from an old aristocratic Spanish family.

Her heart is stolen by the twenty-eight-year-old steadfast masculine and beautiful Ramón. This frightens

Secret Shades Revealed

Helena is abandoned by Enrique, the rakish bounder whose sexual prowess and string of female conquests dominate the gossip media, whom she had chosen over Ramón, the man who stole her heart.

But now she’s pregnant with Enrique’s child and Enrique doesn’t want to know about the baby– he leaves her because of her secret heritage, a secret that has plagued Helena since childhood, and is now

Golden Shana: The Chase

An evening at the opera house La Scala in Milan twirled the lives of five people into a web of intrigues, heartaches, human hunts, loss and revenge.

Roman: I never chased after a woman. It was always the other way around. Then I caught a glimpse of the woman I would kneel for, at the opera, and I didn’t even know her name. But I determined to find her if it took me the rest of my life.

Bound To Tradition Book 3

The coma patient screamed her inaudible words: Who am I? Who is this man crying over me in my bed? Answer me! Why can’t you hear me?

So begins the final book in the Bound to Tradition trilogy, which continues the story of the Lindqvist family.

Khira and Loyana have been brought to a private clinic in Glion-sur-Montreaux Switzerland to recover from vastly different ailments.

Bound To Tradition: Book 2

A safari weekend in Tsavo that becomes a tragedy. For every human spirituality, there are rituals and rites of passage. In Luoland, Kenya, it is The Initiation.

The lie is necessary. Loyana, the beloved only daughter in the Lindqvist family, is old enough to be initiated in the Ancient Sacred Oath of Luoland’s female deities. And her mother, Khira, is determined for Loyana to go through the ceremony, even while knowing that her husband, Erik, would forbid it. So, lie they must.


What do you do when the man you love with a searing passion is determined to be your father? You cling to The Dream.

Khira is an enigma; born to African traditionalist and conservative family but schooled by Europeans she is prim and proper, proud, graceful, and dignified with a hint of wildness. She is also beautiful, mysterious, and has this paradoxical sexual appeal. But she is also young, and in need of guidance.

Bound to Tradition

Erik watched her as she ate and talked. There was the little lady who had been tutored by some prim and proper English old maid in deportment, etiquette and what have you. Then there was the African jungle side of her that had a savage nobility, an untainted edge, an unaffected grace and inborn dignity, an intensely reverent pride even in the way she said: Great ancestors. Coupled with her veiled, mysterious sexuality, she was an overwhelming enigma.